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Difficult Second Album

Posted by on 26 September 2014

Difficult Second Album: more stories of Xenobiology, Space Elevators, and Bats Out Of Hell is a collection of speculative fiction, ranging from the deadly serious to the frankly frivolous, from the unusual mind of Simon Petrie.

Difficult Second Album includes several previously-released favourites, a healthy selection of new stories including a new Gordon Mamon space-elevator murder mystery novella, and the notorious ‘Suckers for Love’.

“I came to a realisation while I was reading this book: Simon Petrie is my favourite (and hence best) living science fiction short story writer. Those stories which are science fiction (not quite all of them) deftly weave accurate science into their tapestries. Of course accurate science shouldn’t come as a surprise from someone whose day job is computational quantum chemistry, but I still found it enjoyable enough as to be notable. (And let’s face it, how much scientific accuracy is there in the combined science fictional oeuvre? Not enough.)” — Tsana Dolichiva. Full review here.

Paperback: $24.95 (includes postage in Australia). Ebook, available in ePub, Mobi, or PDF: $4.99.

Paperback $24.95

Ebook $4.99

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